High quality fresh coffee for independent hotels

Not just perfect coffee to serve in the lounge, but ‘proper’ fresh coffee for your guest rooms with Lyons Coffee Bags and Lyons Cafetiere Sachets.

Of course long gone are the days when hotel guests would accept ‘just any old coffee’, with the huge increase in high street coffee shops – both the big chains and independents – being partly responsible for raising consumers’ expectations of fresh coffee quality and taste. But whilst most independent hotels – even those at the more budget end of the scale – have risen to this change and now serve good quality coffee in the lounge and bar, the majority still have those nasty little sachets of instant coffee in guest bedrooms.

Certainly for anything other than a real budget hotel, expecting hotel guests to accept instant coffee in their room is arguably a bit like expecting them to accept tinned soup as a starter in the restaurant! In fairness to most independent hotel owners though, many don’t know about Lyons Coffee Bags…

As the above images show, using Lyons Coffee Bags to make a perfect cup of fresh coffee uses just the same principle as making a cup of tea. So ALL hotel guests will find the process easy and familiar.

Although Lyons Coffee Bags have been available in supermarkets for many years and are a must-have in the weekly shopping basket of many UK consumers, only now has the product been available in bulk from Gala Coffee Direct. And how about the quality of the coffee? It’s excellent and we guarantee it: Lyons Coffee is owned by Gala Coffee – the parent company of Gala Coffee Direct – and the coffee bags are produced at our own Roastery in Kent, along with all the other coffee products from Gala Coffee Direct.  

Another reason to have Lyons Coffee Bags in your guest bedrooms is that it also shows you care about where your coffee comes from – Lyons Coffee Bags contain 30% Rainforest Alliance coffee.

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For the more exclusive hotel, we can now also offer Lyons Cafetiere Sachets.

Each sachet contains the perfect amount of fresh Lyons coffee for a 4 cup cafetiere. For the hotel owner though, it isn’t just about being able to offer their guests high quality coffee they can easily make themselves instead of instant, but also that the sachets ensure that there’s no wastage. Wasting fresh coffee because it quickly goes stale after a pack has been opened is an obvious problem in itself, but especially so in individual hotel rooms. Plus, keeping tabs on how long packets have been open for is a further headache, not to mention all the mess and storage problems! So Lyons Cafetiere Sachets really are the perfect solution for boutique and exclusive hotels.

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So for the independent hotel Gala Coffee Direct offers…

  • High quality coffee to serve in the lounge, bar and after dinner etc.
  • Lyons Coffee Bags for guest rooms
  • Lyons Cafetiere Sachets for guest rooms

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