High quality fresh coffee for independent restaurants

High quality coffee to match your high quality food and service offer, but with the coffee at discount prices

It won’t need us to remind you how demanding UK consumers now are when it comes to the quality of food you serve them and how you serve it. And coffee is no different, with both coffee shop chains and independent coffee shops helping to push consumers’ expectations about high quality fresh coffee even higher.

Though buying high quality fresh coffee is probably not too difficult for any independent restaurant or a small independent chain, how about the price? Cost control is obviously central to the profitability of any restaurant business so paying over the odds for bulk fresh coffee or, put another way, commercial coffee, certainly isn’t an option. Now with Gala Coffee Direct you get both consistent high coffee quality and at ‘direct from the Roastery’ discount prices.

Gala Coffee Direct’s parent company, Gala Coffee, produces high quality commercial coffee for a very wide range of customers, including many in foodservice. This long established background of experience and knowledge in producing commercial coffee sits behind what Gala Coffee Direct now offers, though this is the first time Gala has been able to offer a wide range of high quality fresh coffee direct to independent restaurants.

The three main coffee brands that Gala Coffee Direct produces and supplies are Rossano, Templo and Lyons. Starting with Rossano, this is a classic Italian roast and blend and will be familiar with customers used to high street coffee shops. Templo is rather more unusual, and is blended and roasted to the same exacting standards by Gala as it is in Logroño, its original home, which is situated in the famous Rioja wine-producing region of North East Spain. Lyons Coffee needs little introduction and this trusted brand is an ideal match for the more traditional British restaurant.

Click here to buy high quality fresh coffee from Gala Coffee Direct.

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