Packing and storing roasted beans

Packing and storing roasted coffee beans

The storage conditions of roasted coffee must ensure hygiene and prevent contamination of the product by volatile substances, such as oxygen (which can cause oxidisation) and moisture (which can increase the growth of mould).

Highly-professional companies of renowned traditions such as Saquella do not package coffee immediately after roasting, preferring to let the roasted beans settle and mature in silos.

This process ensures the development of fats and oils – which determine the aromatic base and full flavour of coffee – as well as the aroma and consistency typical of real Italian espresso.





In Atmospheric ambient
In cloth bags without one-way valve

Between 10 and 15 days (depending on blend).


With one-way valve
In cloth bags fitted with one-way valve to allow releases all gases and aroma during degassing, and to prevent entry of air.

In cloth bags of cans, vacuum packed and sealed.

Max 2 years

Max 2 years


With inert gas
(nitrogen, carbon dioxide) to replace air.

Pressurization (max 2,2 atm.)
In cans, replacing air with inert gas (nitrogen)

Max 2 years

Max 2 years

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