Why cheapen your hotel offer with instant coffee in guest rooms?

Even some of the best hotels have fallen victim to putting those nasty sachets of instant coffee in guest rooms. It just doesn’t stack up does it? It would almost be like serving microwave baked beans instead of proper fresh vegetables in the hotel’s restaurant.

Perhaps though many hotels don’t realise there’s a real alternative which is still convenient, doesn’t leave a mess, and matches everything a good class hotel should be? Well there is and they’re called Lyons Coffee Bags.

Lyons Coffee Bags look and work much like a tea bag, but come in individual sealed sachets to keep the real roast and ground coffee fresh. The product has actually been on the supermarket shelf for many years so is popular with many consumers, but now we’re making it available in bulk boxes containing 150 sachets.

But actually even before we launched Gala Coffee Direct, some hotels were already on to just how good Lyons Coffee Bags were and perfect for their guest rooms. Take the award-winning Hoxton Hotel in central London; they’ve been using Lyons Coffee Bags for years and wouldn’t dream of offering their guests instant coffee.

So if you’d like to offer your guests coffee in their rooms in a way which matches what your hotel stands for, then Lyons Coffee Bags are the answer.

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